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You realize that there is something stirring deep within you to awaken to live your life’s purpose by living passionately and abundantly. Soul Therapy School® presents a brand new way of empowering women through evolutionary education for the Soul, sacred retreats, live VIP immersion weekends, online trainings, group global online gatherings.

As a self-initiating course of study, the Rites of Passage program brings awareness and understanding to some of the main requirements necessary to attain higher evolution. The ultimate goal of the program is to guide you through a process of back-to-back initiations to help awaken Soul remembrance of your inherent divine nature and the interconnectivity with all of life.

So, while ridding your body of sugar, caffeine, or stress this year, more prayer is God’s recommendation for your soul. At fi.

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As you awaken your Kundalini, you begin to liberate more energy not only for your spiritual life but for your career, your creativity, and your service in the world.

As Raja explains, Kundalini can open your body, emotions, mind, and soul to divine energy pouring through your very cells. You can access a more boundless field of love, since.

Uncover the heart and soul of your business purpose, story and brand.

alignment, and growth in your business. AWAKEN. CREATIVE STORYTELLING. Build a business story and brand that’s aligned to your purpose and customer needs. UNCOVER. Clients View.

Kelly Weiss is a conscious business thought leader, creative storyteller, and heart.

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