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November 29, 2013 • 26 KISLEV 5774 THE JEWISH STAR. 6. Putting the money in their bags: The backstory B. ook collectors often have many books on their shelves that never move from their place.

The Higher Education Academy. Houghton, Ann-Marie and Armstrong, Joanne Elisabeth and Holland, Natalie Jane.

James Robert and Beaverstock, Jonathan V and Hall, Sarah (2017).

ADS ’17 Proceedings of the Agent-Directed Simulation Symposium.

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Please review your session(s) and let us know if you see anything that is amiss. Before making additions, please do a search to make sure you are not adding someone who is already scheduled at the same time. We realize that there are some conflicts with participants. This was unavoidable due to overbooking by some of the participants.

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